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A Chinese woman has been arrested afterforcing her boyfriend to kneel in the street and repeatedly slapping him aroundthe face.


The man was accused of cheating on thewoman after bringing another girl back to his flat in Hong Kong.


After his girlfriend took him out to thestreet and began berating him, a crowd of onlookers gathered and startedfilming the scene, which has since been posted on YouTube.


The 20-year-old woman, named Cheng, waslater arrested on suspicion of common assault, while the victim, 23-year-oldChui, was taken to hospital.


The alleged assault happened last Friday inthe Kowloon City area of Hong Kong, after Chui took a girl to his flat despitethe fact he was going out with Cheng.


She made him kneel on the pavement in fullview of passers-by, and accused him of going behind her back by inviting in theother girl - who was standing next to the couple throughout the fight.


However, he insisted he had not asked thegirl to come to his flat, saying: 'Listen to me first before beating me.'


Cheng then started slapping Chui across theface as he screamed, 'You're slandering me!', and urged the other girl tocorroborate his story.


The scene was filmed by an onlooker, whocommented at one point: 'At least break up with her if you're not fightingback.'


As other bystanders started to intervene inthe altercation, Cheng shouted, 'None of your business!'


Most witnesses took Chui's side, with onewoman telling him: 'Stand up, ditch this ugly girl, you deserve better.'


One passer-by called the police, leading toCheng's arrest.



Pretty amazing if this was a man hitting awoman he would have been beat up by a angry crowd of people...


pmm,London, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago
even more amazing the fact he knelt thereand meekly took the punishment in front of every body, quite shocking any manwould allow that


LouiseAnn,London, 13 hours ago
Hospital for brusied face or ego?


AhmedGado, riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 13 hours ago
what ego, he does not have one


And,South Wales, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago
if it was him slapping her your commentwould be entirely different!


Dilie,London, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
Violence is never the answer... She is vilefor doing such a thing to another human being. If she cannot trust him sheshould just leave him. She doesn't seem to love him that much...


Davobinelli,Leeds, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
It's weird how its acceptable for a womanto hit a man and not vice versa, I suppose its down to the generally true sizedifference but I do still think as a society it is something we need to lookinto


Chewy,Kashyyyk, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
I wonder how many people laughed atthis......now reverse the role and put a man standing and striking awoman....no longer funny is it.


RiverGod01, Newcastle, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago
no wonder he cheated if that how shetreated him!


artosis,London, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago
why didn't he simply split up with her ifshe is so bad ???


MrClean, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
Disgraceful. Violence committed by women onmen is unaceptable. No ifs, no buts. ZERO TOLERANCE.


WarriorOfTheNet,Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
It seems the bloke is volunteering it's notlike he couldn't walk away! Maybe he even enjoys it. He is not tied or anything,he is not trying to protect himself as he easily could being a man. They bothhave mental issues.